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Lofdal Christian School Added on 08 November 2008
Historical review of Lofdal Christian School
The school was founded in 1986 by Pastor Kobus and Annelise Van Rensburg with 20 students on the current site of the old Drive-Inn just outside Stilfontein. The school was inspired by the need for Christian education and to train-up a generation of Christian leaders in the local community of the KOSH area.
Pastor Kobus selected the ACE School of Tomorrow Educational System as the academic program for the school, which the school is still using. His decision for this academic program was based upon the Biblical content of the curriculum, the individualized method of education and finally the fact that the learner becomes the master of his learning.
Apart from the previous government that wanted the close the school when it opened, the school grew steadily and before to long in 1988 a need for a multi-raced school arose. At that stage it was not legal and it was decided to have two separate school campuses. When segregation was dissolved in the early 90’s the school moved to combine and became one of the few multi-racial schools in the North West Province.
Since that time the school grew and after almost twenty years, it is one of the model independent schools in the area with strong a history of non-racism and academic excellence. The school is still living out the original vision of training young people to become the leaders of tomorrow, with a Christ-like character and strong moral values.
At the school each staff member is committed to academic excellence and has the opportunity not just to impart education to the learners, but also life skills through Biblical perspective. The school also wants to see students leave the school after graduation that is well rounded in all areas of education. This is reached by a well balanced curriculum consisting of academics, culture and sport. 
The school also wants to create opportunities for the students to reach their full potential which is not based on any form of discrimination or economical income-class. This can only be made possible by the constant support received by Pastor Kosbus Van Rensburg and Spirit Word Ministries.